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Staff List 28 04 2019

Management Team

John Kulyk

Head Teacher/ Safeguarding Lead

Mrs A Appleby Payne

Deputy Head Teacher / SENCO / Deputy Safeguarding Lead

Mrs N Byrne

Assistant Head Teacher


Mrs C Riman

Administration Manager

Miss B Bennett

Administration Assistant

Mrs R Hewitt

Administration Assistant

Mr A Martin

Ict Technician

Mrs J Green

Family Outreach Co-Ordinator


Mr M Allsop

Teacher KS4, KS3 and 4 Enhanced Manager

Mrs L Barker

Teacher Blue

Mr M Campbell

Teacher Orange

Mrs A Chamberlain

Teacher Rainbow, KS2 and ASD Manager

Mrs A Harper


Mrs L Lynch

Teacher Secondary 1, KS3 and 4 Additional Needs Manager

Mrs L Jones

Teacher Green

Mr J Smart

Teacher Year 7/8

Miss D Smith

Teacher Rainbow

Miss A Snow

Teacher Red

Mrs M Tough


Mrs G Tovey

Teacher Yellow, KS1 and EYFS Manager

Miss I Weller

Teacher Silver

Mr T Wood

Teacher Year 8/9

Teaching Assistants

Miss K Shaw

Teaching Assistant Rainbow Class

Miss S Reeves

Teaching Assistant Green Class/Blue Class

Miss S Rust

Teaching Assistant Yellow Class

Mrs A Charles

Teaching Assistant Green Class

Mrs C Cox

Teaching Assistant Secondary 1

Mrs C Ludlow

HLTA Purple Class

Mrs C Betts

Teaching Assistant Blue Class

Mrs D Palmer

Teaching Assistant Silver Class

Mrs J Brockway

Teaching Assistant Green Class

Mrs K Hopcroft

Teaching Assistant Rainbow

Mrs M Smart

Teaching Assistant Secondary 1

Mrs N Harris


Mrs S Cheshire

Teaching Assistant Red Class

Mrs L Walters

Cover Supervisor

Mrs S Butcher

Teaching Assistant Purple Class

Mrs J Adams

Teaching Assistant Yellow

Mrs S Masih

Teaching Assistant Silver Class

Miss O Kibuka

Teaching Assistant Year 7/8

Mrs N Meese

Teaching Assistant Orange Class

Mrs J Hardwick

Care Assistant Yellow Class

Miss M Griffin

Care Assistant

Mrs C Ralphs

Teaching Assistant Year 8/9

Ms L Guest


Mrs C Dutton Tombs

Learning Mentor

Miss J Chamberlain

Cover Supervisor

Mrs S Mackay

Teaching Assistant

Miss R Samra

Teaching Assistant

Miss A Burrows

Teaching Assistant

Mr A Fowkes

Teaching Assistant

Miss M Rollason

Teaching Assistant

Support Staff

Mr K Woolls


Miss J Ellis

Lunchtime Assistant

Mrs J Ben Slimane

Lunchtime Assistant

Miss M Mc Elhone

Lunchtime Assistant

Mrs B Dearlove

Lunchtime Assistant

R Attwood

Lunch Time Supervisor

Mrs J Ashmore


Mrs S Mc Elhone


Mr N Smith


Mrs K Wells


Miss A Green


Mrs S jones


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