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Welcome to Purple Class.

This is our second specialist structured learning environment with 3 staff and 8 pupils. In Purple Class, pupils are taught a wide variety of lessons. All of the National Curriculum subjects are delivered, pupils have one lesson of ICT per week, a PE session in the school half or swimming session at the local swimming baths and one lesson of Science. We also deliver an additional curriculum covering social skills training, gross and fine motor development; communication and speech and language interventions and personal care skills.

We also think it is very important that pupils social skills are applied in a real life context. Pupils participate in an ‘Out and About’ session. This involves us visiting the local community to take part in practical tasks such as visiting the local supermarket. Pupils are asked to find produce and have experience of using a self service checkout and learn how to handle money.   Literacy, Numeracy, Phonics and Guided Reading occur in the morning. A thematic curriculum meeting the needs and abilities of the children is delivered in the afternoons.


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